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Unlocking ROI: 12 New Year Resolutions for Executive Assistants


Organisations are increasingly seeking a robust Return on Investment (ROI) from every role, including that of executive assistants. Gone are the days when the executive assistant role was solely about managing schedules and handling administrative tasks.

Without putting too fine a point on it; as organisations fight to survive any role that cannot clearly demonstrate a positive Return on Investment is under threat.

Today, executive assistants are expected to be strategic partners, enhancing productivity, and contributing significantly to organisational success. As we step into the New Year let me suggest 12 resolutions for executive assistants to not only meet but exceed these expectations while demonstrating tangible ROI.


1. Enhance Time Management Skills to Boost Productivity

Effective time management is the cornerstone of productivity. By prioritizing tasks and utilizing time-tracking tools, executive assistants can optimize workflows, leading to increased efficiency and, consequently, demonstrating a clear return on time investment.


2. Elevate Communication Skills for Clarity and Impact

Clear and concise communication is key to seamless operations. Improved written and verbal communication ensures that instructions are understood, reducing the likelihood of errors. This resolution aims to minimize misunderstandings and, in turn, enhance the overall efficiency of organisational communication.


3. Master Technology Tools to Stay Ahead

Executive assistants must be adept at utilizing the latest office software and tools and specifically Artificial intelligence (AI). Mastering advanced features not only streamlines tasks but also showcases the executive assistant's commitment to staying technologically relevant, providing a measurable return on the investment in training and tools.


4. Develop Proactive Thinking for Anticipatory Solutions

Executive assistants are now expected to be proactive problem solvers. By anticipating needs and providing solutions before issues arise, they add significant value. This resolution focuses on cultivating a forward-thinking approach, showcasing the executive assistant's ability to contribute strategically to the organisation.


5. Cultivate Professional Development for Continuous Growth

Investing in professional development is a commitment to growth. Attending workshops, seminars, and seeking opportunities for skill enhancement not only benefits the individual but also translates into a more knowledgeable and capable executive assistant, offering a tangible return on the organisation's investment in talent development.


6. Strengthen Organisational Skills for Efficient Operations

A well-organized executive assistant contributes to the overall efficiency of the team. This resolution emphasizes optimizing file management systems and maintaining a tidy workspace, ensuring that information is readily accessible. The result is a smoother workflow and a clear return on the investment in organisational structure.


7. Embrace Adaptability to Navigate Change Effectively

In today's dynamic business environment, adaptability is a prized skill. Executive assistants who can navigate change smoothly contribute to organisational resilience. This resolution encourages embracing change and adapting quickly, showcasing the ability to handle evolving work demands effectively.


8. Build a Strong Network for Enhanced Collaboration

Networking is not just for executives. Executive assistants who foster positive relationships within and outside the organisation contribute to a collaborative work environment. Attending networking events and expanding professional connections can lead to valuable partnerships, representing a clear return on relationship-building efforts.


9. Enhance Problem-Solving Abilities for Efficient Operations

Developing a systematic approach to problem-solving is crucial. This resolution encourages executive assistants to learn from past challenges, preventing future issues and showcasing their ability to contribute to a proactive problem-solving culture within the organisation.


10. Promote Work-Life Balance for Sustained Performance

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is essential for sustained high performance. By setting boundaries and prioritizing self-care, executive assistants can avoid burnout, ensuring consistent and reliable support for their executives and the organisation as a whole.


11. Initiate Process Improvements for Optimal Efficiency

Identifying inefficiencies in current processes is a proactive way to contribute to organisational success. By proposing and implementing improvements, executive assistants showcase their commitment to optimal efficiency, resulting in a tangible return on the investment in process enhancement.


12. Develop Meaningful KPIs for Continuous Improvement

A crucial resolution for executive assistants is to actively participate in the development of meaningful Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for their role. These KPIs should align with Organisational objectives, allowing for the measurement of the executive assistant's impact on productivity, efficiency, and strategic contributions. Regularly assessing and refining these KPIs ensures a continuous focus on improvement and a clear demonstration of ROI.


These 12 resolutions are not just personal goals for executive assistants but strategic initiatives that directly contribute to the organisation's success. By focusing on these objectives, executive assistants can showcase their commitment to excellence and deliver a measurable return on the organisation's investment in their role and protect their career.

About the Author:

Richard Arnott, BA, FInatAM, FIToL, is the Director of BMTG (UK) Ltd, and the author and lead presenter of the groundbreaking, globally recognised Advanced Certificate for the Executive Assistant: ACEA® program.

Please connect with Richard on Linkedin and please also join our LinkedIn group, "The Advanced Certificate for the Executive Assistant: ACEA®," to connect with a community of forward-thinking executive assistants committed to career growth and development

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