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Become a Certified Executive Assistant


The Groundbreaking, Globally Recognised, Certification for the Modern-Day Executive Assistant

About ACEA®

Welcome to the home of the Advanced Certificate for the Executive Assistant: ACEA® the highly sought-after certification for those who wish to become true Strategic Partners to their Executives.


The role of the executive assistant has evolved over time and is becoming increasingly strategic and dynamic. While traditional administrative tasks such as scheduling, correspondence, and expense reporting are still important, modern executive assistants often take on broader responsibilities that support their executives and the organization as a whole. This may include areas such as project management, data analysis, and strategic planning.


Additionally, with advancements in technology, many executive assistants are now required to have a more comprehensive understanding of digital tools and systems, as well as being able to work remotely and manage virtual teams. Overall, the role of the executive assistant is becoming more strategic, complex, and integrated with the wider organization.

The ACEA® training style and subject matter are the same, whether it be in a classroom or online. We also maintain the benefits of the ‘shared learning experience’ with your class, regardless of if you are in a room or joining virtually.

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To become a true ‘Strategic Partner’ to an executive, it is imperative that executive assistants have a deep understanding of the business and their executives’ role & responsibilities.


Organisations are looking for assistants that possess executive level business acumen now more than ever.

Uniquely delivered from an executive led perspective, the ACEA® course focuses on elevating the role of the executive assistant, by delivering a fundamental understanding of business and organisations, as well as practical skills, including:

  • Strategic thinking

  • Corporate visions & missions

  • Understanding the linkages between strategy, projects & operations

  • Project management skills

  • Stakeholder management

  • Risk management

  • Quality management

  • Ethics & corporate social responsibility

  • Communication skills

  • Emotional intelligence / resilience

  • Service orientation

  • Time management

  • Leadership skills

  • Presentation skills

  • Financial awareness

  • Change management

  • Critical thinking and problem solving

  • Negotiation skills and conflict management


and much more ...

In 2022 The World Administrators Alliance published the Global Skill Matrix for the administrative profession. For the first time executive assistants are now able to identify the skills and knowledge that they need to remain competitive in this fast changing world and have the evidence base to convince their executives to invest in their personal development and training


There has never been a more important time for organisations to utilise their administrators to their full potential. Covid-19 has increased the need for management to be more agile and operating at maximum capacity. Every organisation needs to ensure the ROI on their executives’ salaries is maximised.

A career Executive Assistant with clear goals and objectives, combined with opportunities for personal development and career progression is a key component for achieving this.

The Global Skills Matrix:

  • Professionalises & increases the role value

  • Makes becoming an administrator a viable & structured career choice

  • Provides a framework when changing job, locally or globally

  • Paves the way for specific & internationally recognised credentialing


Assess yourself against the Global Skills Matrix using our simple to use Skills Gap Analysis. Our tool helps you assess where you are today and provides you with the evidence you need to convince your boss to invest in your training.

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Also available In-House / On-Site
Classroom or Online


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