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  • What is the pass mark?
    Delegates must achieve 70% or above to be awarded to Advanced Certificate for the Executive Assistant?
  • Is ACEA® available Online?
    Yes. ACEA® Online is delivered over a 3 week period consisting of 6 x 4 hours session plus a final session of 2 hours. Our public courses traditionally run on Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday for the first 2 weeks and then on the Thursday of the final week. For In-House / On-Site programs the schedule can be developed to suit the client. Online is more than simply Zoom. it is backed up by the BMTG e-learning Academy. an online portal where delegates conduct their coursework, can collaborate with other delegates, undertake quizzes and undertake the ACEA® assessment.
  • Is ACEA® recognised
    The ACEA® program has successfully reached over 3000 delegates worldwide, representing renowned organizations from the private and public sectors. This prestigious program holds certification from Qualifi, a recognized awarding body in the United Kingdom. Additionally, it carries accreditation from the CPD Standards Office and is an Approved program by the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP). For over a decade, ACEA® has been strongly endorsed and championed by Lucy Brazier OBE, a visionary figure in the administrative profession. Lucy serves as the CEO of Marcham Publishing, an influential global entity known for organizing world-class conferences and training events such as Executive Support LIVE and Modern-Day Assistant. Marcham Publishing is also the proud publisher of Executive Support Magazine, which sets the benchmark for training materials in the administrative professionals' domain. Leading brands in the shipping, management consultancy, and oil & gas sectors, both within the private and public spheres, have consistently chosen ACEA® as their preferred on-site/in-house certified program for administrative professionals. These brands include prominent organizations in the United Kingdom, European Union, and the United States. ACEA® has rapidly emerged as the essential credential for ambitious administrative professionals, establishing itself as the de-facto standard in the field.
  • Can ACEA® be Run In-House / On-site for my Company?
    Yes. This is a great way to save on the public course fees as not only does it work out cheaper per delegate you also save on travel and accommodation costs. Commercially this can become economic if you have 8 or more internal staff wishing to attend. Further savings and/or free places are available for any organisation that is prepared to host a "public" event on their premises. For further details please contact us and one of our regional partners will respond with more details
  • Is the ACEA® certificate valid for life?
    Yes. There are no re-certification requirements
  • How can I register for an ACEA® event?
    Simply click on the Home Page button, complete our Contact Form and one of our sales representatives will contact you with all the relevant details.
  • Do you offer scholarships?
    Sorry, we do not offer scholarships.
  • How do I take the ACEA® Online Assessment?
    The ACEA® Online Assessment is conducted Online in the BMTG e-Learning Academy. The Assessment is based on the multiple choice model and consists of 50 questions.
  • How much are the course fees?
    Course fees vary depending on format (Classroom or Online) and location. Early bird rates are also available. Full details of all our upcoming events along with prices can be obtained by selecting "Request Information"
  • Does ACEA® qualify for CPD/CEU credits?
    Yes ACEA® is independently accredited by the CPD Standards office and offers 30 CPD Credits equivalent to 30 CEU Credits.
  • What differentiates ACEA® from other administrative professional courses?
    ACEA® was the original "Executive" led business acumen focussed programme and is only ever delivered by Executives or ex-Executives. ACEA® is not reliant on a single trainer. Through our global stable of 9 experienced trainers we can deliver continuity whilst minimising the risk of cancellation. Unlike many similar programs ACEA® is independently certified, accredited and approved by leading educational and professional bodies and is not simply a "Certificate of Attendance" issued by the course providers.
  • Does ACEA® count toward my IAAP re-certification points?
    If you are a member of the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) by achieving ACEA® provides you will be awarded with 28 CAP re-certification points
  • How is ACEA® marketed globally
    ACEA® is marketed exclusively by our licensed global event management partners including:- Lucy Brazier OBE's Executive Support Magazine Innoverto Fze, Dubai Opus Kinetic, Malaysia Ken Knowledge, Singapore Gwiji Africa, Kenya Their role is to find delegates, organise venues and run the courses. BMTG (UK) Ltd is responsible for delivering the course content. BMTG (UK) Ltd will pass any enquiries to our partners, who will contact you, or you can simply contact them directly.
  • Is ACEA® a regulated qualification?
    No. In the United Kingdom only academic qualifications such as GCSEs, A-Levels etc. are consider to be regulated. Regulated qualifications are overseen by official regulatory bodies such as Ofqual (England), Qualifications Wales, SQA (Scotland), and CCEA (Northern Ireland).
  • How do I achieve a Merit or a Distinction grade?
    Delegates who achieve, on the first attempt, a score of 98% or above are awarded a Distinction grading. Delegates who achieve 94% but below 98% are awarded a Merit grading The words "Distinction" or "Merit" will appear on the certificate
  • What are the entry requirements?
    As ACEA® is an advanced level course we look for a combination of skills and experience. Entry to ACEA® can be granted if you fulfil two of the following criteria: University degree or equivalent 3 years’ experience in role or similar role Associate level or above of any recognised local PA/EA Association or More than 5 years in the administrative profession.
  • What is the format and how many questions are there?
    The ACEA® Online Assessment based on the multiple choice model and consists of 50 questions.
  • Who provides ACEA®
    ACEA® is owned and delivered by BMTG (UK) Ltd and is marketed by our event management partners globally. Lucy Brazier OBE's Executive Support Magazine Innoverto Fze, Dubai Opus Kinetic, Malaysia Ken Knowledge, Singapore Gwiji Africa, Kenya
  • Has ACEA® won any awards?
    Yes. In 2022 ACEA® was voted the top Business and Management Course for Executive Assistants and Administrative Professionals and also the top Business Administration tutor led course. and in 2021 ACEA® was awarded the top online live and interactive Business Administration course on
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