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  • Gain a broader understanding of business, increase your business acumen & bring new ideas / skills to your organisation

  • Give your Executive greater confidence to delegate more important and critical tasks to you

  • Rejuvenate your passion for your career, take the next step up & progress

  • Learn from world renowned trainers & accomplished business leaders

  • Demonstrate what you are capable of

  • Enhance the recognition of your role & its responsibilities

  • Gain respect from senior Executives and the wider board members

  • Broaden your network, join & share experiences with EAs from other sectors and nationalities

  • Stand out with a globally recognised accredited certification

  • Demonstrate that you have the skills and experience to manage effectively on a national, regional and global level

  • Manage projects more efficiently and assist your Executive in their role as project sponsor

  • Develop skills to increase your productivity through enhanced time management and delegation skills

  • Stand-in for your executive at key meetings when required.

  • Support management in inspiring the shared vision of the organisation and prioritising in line with the corporate strategy

  • Cope with ethical challenges that are faced on a regular basis

  • Better understand yourself and others through behavioural profiling

  • Significantly enhance communication and influencing skills

  • Effectively support and stand in for management at project status reports/update meetings

  • Support management and ensure projects are being run in accordance with best practice and internal methodologies

  • Significantly improve the effectiveness of meetings

  • Demonstrate clear understanding of risk management and response mechanisms

  • Better communicate at all levels

  • Undertake effective negotiation with suppliers, clients and co-workers as required

  • Demonstrate a basic understand of financial reports and statements

  • Manage time more effectively leading to increased productivity

  • Resolve problems using proven and effective techniques

  • Understand the key fundamentals of modern corporate behaviour

  • Understand the linkages between strategy, projects and operations

  • Put in place effective project governance processes

  • Enhance your presentation skills

  • Appreciate the importance and benefits of people management and leadership

  • Learn how to manage conflict

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