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Download Your Free ACEA® DISC Questionnaire

The DISC model is a popular personality assessment tool used to understand and categorize different behavioural traits in individuals. It's based on the work of psychologist William Marston and was later developed into its current form by Walter Clarke. The DISC model identifies four primary personality traits, each represented by a letter:

  • Dominance (D): People with dominant traits tend to be assertive, competitive, and results-oriented. They are often seen as confident, decisive, and focused on achieving their goals.

  • Influence (I): Individuals with influential traits are outgoing, sociable, and enthusiastic. They are often good at building relationships, persuading others, and generating excitement.

  • Steadiness (S): Those with steady traits are known for their patience, reliability, and a cooperative nature. They are often seen as dependable, supportive, and team-oriented.

  • Cautious (C): People with cautious traits are analytical, detail-oriented, and focused on quality and accuracy. They are often seen as precise, systematic, and thorough.

Download Your Free ACEA® DISC Questionnaire

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