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FREE Webinar: Making Online Meetings More Effective

Are you working more because of multiple webinar meetings at home with managers and co-workers?

Countless hours are spent in meetings with inefficient preparation and a lack of follow-up!

MeetingBooster will make online meetings more effective and eliminate questions such as ‘Who took the minutes?’ and ‘Who was supposed to do what?’.

Learn how MeetingBooster can help with:

  1. Creating Agendas and Minutes.

  2. Turning Discussions into Action Plans.

  3. Handling Tasks, Projects and Follow Ups.

  4. Secure Storage of Minutes with Easy Access.

Better Meetings in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Pre-Meeting

  1. Simplify the Scheduling Process

  2. Integration with Outlook & Google Calendar

  3. Professional Agenda Editor

  4. Assign Preparation Tasks

  5. Get organized and start executing!

Step 2: During the Meeting

  1. Run onsite or Virtual Meetings

  2. Capture Notes Instantly

  3. Meeting Tools for Decision Making

  4. Allocate Action Items

Step 3: Post Meeting

  1. Post Meeting

  2. Professional Minutes and Customizable Layouts

  3. File Management and Search Options

  4. Task Management System with Outlook Integration

  5. Meeting Analytics

Sign up for a Free webinar about MeetingBooster and how it can help you:

Tuesday 7th April 10AM to 11AM (ET)

Feel free to invite colleagues.

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