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FREE Webinar: Mobilizing your remote workforce in this difficult time.



With the recent events on the global health scene, organizations around the world are turning to technology to enable their employees to work remotely.

With tools such as Microsoft Teams, businesses can continue to hold meetings, conduct events and communicate with one another – online. Having the technology in place is a prerequisite, but as always, and perhaps in particular in a time of uncertainty, providing users with guidance, reassurance and support is of key importance.

BMTG (UK) Ltd are working closely with Microsoft’s Adoption and Change Management partner “Storyals”.

If you wish to know more about how to leverage Microsoft Teams during the uncertain period and whilst your colleagues are experiencing home-working for the first time please join the Storyals FREE WEBINAR on the 18th March to learn more about how to get your organization ready for the change and go digital through Microsoft Teams.

The webinar will be conducted at two different times for your convenience:

  1. 11 AM UTC

  2. 5 PM UTC

As Executive Assistants this is your opportunity to stand up and be counted. Show your boss and your colleagues how you will calmly and rationally respond to the unfolding crisis and deliver solutions that meet your organisations needs.

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