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How to get ACEA® Certified free!

As organisations recover from the global pandemic and supply shortages are driving up prices everyone is looking for ways to save on costs.

Unfortunately your personal development is usually one of the first areas to be hit. Organisations tend to go for the easy hits or “low hanging fruit” when they have to make quick decisions to save money. Whilst this usually proves to be short sighted, it is sadly a fact of life.

Expenditure on training and development is always near the top of the hit list. Embargoes are placed on external courses or you are told to find new and innovative ways to continue with your personal development but, at the same time, reduce the training budget.

Some organisations have taken the easy way out and gone for the easy targets. We have heard of culls of Executive Assistant positions at some leading names. This will back-fire on these organisations as it did during the credit crunch and they will now find it difficult to retain those staff that remained and to recruit in the future, and recruit is what they will have to do.

But all is not lost!

Whilst it is a fact that every organisation is looking for ways to reduce costs they are also being hit by the fact that the labour market is tight and that people can easily find other jobs. Therefor, organisations need to offer their staff incentives to remain. This is your chance to offer your employer not only the loyalty that they seek but also a way to reduce expenditure on training and development.

How do I get ACEA® Free?

BMTG (UK) Ltd and its global partners offer a number of ways to get FREE places on the Advanced Certificate for the Executive Assistant: ACEA® the Ground-breaking, Globally Recognised, Certified & Accredited Training Course for the Modern-Day Executive Assistant.

Option 1: Multiple delegate discounts

The traditional 4 for the price of 3 or whatever you can negotiate have always been available. The more colleagues you bring the greater chance of a free place

Option 2: On-site / In-house – Private

Bringing ACEA® On-site / In-house offers great scope for saving thousands of $$$$, equivalent to multiple free places. If your organisation is willing to fully host an on-site / in-house event for your own employees you can save between 60% to 70% on the overall cost of sending a delegate to a classroom event. Not only do you receive a huge discount on the course fee you also save on possible airfares and accommodation.

On-site / In-house is available in both classroom and online formats. ACEA® has been delivered On-site / In-house to large well known organisations in both the private sector and public sector across the USA, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa

Option 3: On-site / In-house – Public Classroom

For smaller to medium sized organisations who may not be able to release sufficient numbers of Assistants at the same time for training they can still benefit from free places and/or substantial discounts if they are willing to fully host a public training event on their premises.

All you need to do is get permission from your organisation, provide training room with the required equipment and offer catering to delegates in return for which you can get up to 4 free places and discounted fees for any delegates above that number. This has proven to be a popular and successful formula for us and our event marketing partners across the USA and Europe in particular .

What are the requirements?

All that is needed is a training venue that can accommodate 20-25 delegates (preferably U-Shape), AV Provision, Flipcharts and Pens plus catering.

If you are interested in exploring this further please contact Richard Arnott, Director, BMTG (UK) Ltd or any of our global partners and start saving now.

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