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ACEA™ is coming to Canada

The internationally recognised ADVANCED CERTIFICATE for the EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT  (ACEA™), the America’s version of ACEPA™, is coming to Canada for the first time in  2017.

The ADVANCED CERTIFICATE for the EXECUTIVE  ASSISTANT: ACEA™ is an interactive intensive 5-day  Internationally Certified and Accredited Training Programme  that addresses the increasingly diverse roles expected of the modern Executive Assistant.

Your highly demanding and visible role makes it imperative that you have the knowledge and understanding of a broad range of business fundamentals: from strategy, leadership & project management to operations, HR & finance. This course provides training in these key areas of expertise, along with core EA skills, such as communication, presentation, report writing, procurement, IT & conflict management.

ACEA will be running at the Soho Metropolitan Hotel in Toronto in the first week of May.

Full details are available from our partners at Innoverto 

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