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ACEA Launch In-Flight Training

Tired of wasting your time on long haul journeys?

Want to develop your skills whilst 30000 ft in the Air?

ACEA Training are delighted to announce the launch of our innovative in-flight training program enabling delegates to the Advanced Certificate for the Executive Assistant: ACEA to engage with us as if they were in a classroom, but whilst flying at 30000ft.

Selected airlines have been installed with ACEA Virtual Reality Booths enabling delegatesto join our live training events whilst in the air. Delegates are provided with our unique Lipra Loof Virtual Reality Headsets and all the material they require.

Richard Arnott, Director of Training, commented "It has taken us years to develop this unique technology but we are now in pilot mode. Volunteers are now being sought to be the first live guinea pigs. Our technology partners at Hunthegowk have been incredible throughout this project and our thanks go to a fantastic team.

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