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“Do you speak finance?” and 9 other most read articles for Executive Assistants

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We are delighted to announce that our ACEA® trainer Jeff Lockhart’s article “Do you speak finance” was one of the top 10 most read articles in Executive Support Magazine 2022.

Jeff’s article was one of a series aimed at demystifying the world of Finance for Executive Assistants adding to the business acumen skills required of the modern-day Executive Assistant.

Other great articles in the top 10 most read were

  1. Understanding Your Emotional Salary – Clodagh Beaty

  2. Eight Ways to Customize Outlook – Karen Roem

  3. ADHD in the Workplace: The Impact on Women – Gabrielle Pendlebury

  4. Improving the Executive – Assistant Relationship – Sue France

  5. The Career Behind the Job – Helen Monument

  6. Track Your Time – Traci Williams

  7. Are You Ready to Reinvent Yourself – Julia Schmidt

  8. Netiquette: Etiquette for the Internet – Brad Revell

  9. The Receptionist: The Changing Face of the Business – Michelle Bowditch & Marika Garton

Very well done to all the authors

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