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Ian Shipley is at Office 2015

Business consultant and BMTG training facilitator Ian Shipley is heading up an interactive seminar session about the integral role of a PA at office* next week – here’s a preview of what to expect.

Who or what has been the biggest influence on your career?

My father, who had a phenomenal work ethic and incredible ability to be open minded, and my mother with her sheer resilience and dogged determination.

Also the business Autoglass, which is part of the global organisation ‘Belron’ which operates in 34 countries and on 5 continents. Autoglass taught and impressed upon me ‘The Circle Of Success’, which demonstrated the fundamental links and importance of ‘staff satisfaction’, ‘service excellence’ and subsequently ‘business results’. This model is something I have used and linked to in team objectives throughout my career in operations director and managing director roles.

Later in my career, such incredible individuals and leaders, such as Mahatma Ghandi and Nelson Mandela, taught me the power of influencing, and what can be achieved even when you do not have direct authority over other people.

What do you love about your work?

I love being involved with, and the exposure to such varied global businesses (both in the profit and not for profit sectors). No matter how different, they all have so many common challenges, and have a shared success for delivering results through their people. Added to this is the exposure and time spent in different countries and learning from different cultures.

What tips and advice to someone who is just starting their career as a PA?

Do not underestimate the importance and influence of this role within your organisation and use this wisely. Fundamental to progression in addition to a ‘can do attitude’ is the corner stone of ‘trust’.

Learn about other people’s personality traits (and your own), and then use this to influence those in particular that you have no direct control over.

What can visitors expect from your session?

Someone that is passionate about what they do (we spend too much time at work not to be), and completely appreciative of the integral role of a PA. What will be presented and discussed are the lessons learned from an entire management career within various service sectors (24/7 and 365 days per year), and not just theories from a book. The session will also challenge you to think and reflect about your role and traits.

Ian’s seminar session on ‘The Executive Personal Assistant as a Facilitator and Leader of Service Excellence’ will take place on Wednesday 14 October at 10:45am–11:45am in office* Theatre 3.

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