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PA2.0 Upgrade Yourself comes to London

The role of the modern Assistant has changed dramatically over the last 30 years and technology has played a significant role in this metamorphosis. Far from making the Assistant obsolete as many people imagined, it has made us more indispensable than ever. Assistants are critical in managing the large volume of electronic data and information being passed to management on a daily basis. This requires a number of specific skills to be dealt with effectively.

Time has become the ultimate luxury in the modern world, as Assistants we can add great value by maximising our Manager’s time by efficient scheduling, taking on routine tasks and managing their teams and workflow as and when required. The PA position has changed from a “support” role to a fully-fledged business partner that is respected as part of the management team.

With a highly visible role in the organisation, you need to be aware of your personal brand and how this impacts not only your earning potential, but the way you and your boss are perceived. By the end of this course, you will have assessed your current brand health and found concrete ways of taking it to new heights, for the benefit of your own career as well as your organisation.

Who should attend this workshop?

This workshop is for any assistant wanting to make the leap from a great assistant to a confident business partner and is specifically geared towards those who support management and executives daily.

Why should you attend this workshop?

This workshop is designed specifically for assistants by an award winning Certified Master Office Professional and multi award winning Assistant. This enables the delegate to learn from real world examples, skills and techniques, not just the theory of what an assistant should do to be more efficient and successful.

By attending this 3 day workshop you will acquire the following skills:

Improve your PA Presence How to deal with and manage stress How to be more assertive How to be more adaptable and open to change How to manage and maximise time Increased understanding of how your brain works and how you learn Discover future trends and technology An assessment of your current brand health and ways to take it to new heights And much, much more… The modern assistant needs to be resilient, organised and motivated and this workshop will provide you the springboard to take on your role with more confidence.

Meet our Course Leader: Anel Martin

Anel Martin is an experienced  presenter, MC, facilitator and coach. She has had the privilege of working with audiences up to 300 in size from 24 different countries. She is currently rated as one of the world’s best PA trainers by Executive Secretary Magazine.

She is a Certified Master Office Professional with 15 year’s corporate experience as a personal assistant and has worked for C-Level executives and is also CAP-OM certified.

Anel Martin was finalist in the National Office Professional of the Year 2009, PA of the Year 2011 and Pitman’s Super Achiever PA of the Year Finalist 2013.

She covers a multitude of topics but firmly believes in speaking from the heart about topics she has expertise and practical experience in. Dynamic, knowledgeable and fun to watch!

For full details please follow this link PA2.0 Upgrade Yourself

PA 2.0 Upgrade Yourself is also running in Singapore and Dubai in 2016 for details please contact

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