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A Poem dedicated to great professionals

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Executive assistants, pillars of the board,

A steady hand, a guiding cord,

They help their leaders navigate,

And smooth out any rough debate.


A jack of all trades, they do it all,

From managing calendars to making calls,

Anticipating needs before they arise,

And always finding ways to compromise.


Their skills are varied, their knowledge vast,

They’re problem-solvers, able to multitask,

No task too big, no detail too small,

They handle it all with finesse and wherewithal.


They’re masters of communication,

Deftly handling any situation,

From taking notes to drafting memos,

Their words are like a soothing balm for those in limbo.


And through it all, they remain composed,

With grace and calm, they help everyone else stay composed,

They’re a true asset to any team,

Executive assistants, the unsung heroes of the corporate dream.

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