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Are Professional Certifications Valuable? – Chief Learning Officer, Solutions for Enterprise P

When choosing your certification/qualification it is always

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When choosing which certification/qualification you wish to attain it is important that you do your own research. Key things to look for include: 1. How well recognised is this certification? “Recognition” is a question asked a lot but what does it actually mean? One simple measure is to find out which companies (either local or international) have sent delegates on this type of certification route

2. Is the certification 100% independent to the provider. Many entities and associations create their own “certification” however this is usually a front to promote their own training courses and in many cases is a conflict of interest.

3. Do you have to pay an annual fee to keep your qualification? This is the biggest “No No”. Does a university ask you to pay them every year to keep your diploma/degree? Does your school chase you for annual fees to keep your school diplomas/grades. Of course not. Any organisation that tries to milk extra money from you to keep any award or certification you have achieved are not worth the paper they are written.

Be careful out there. There are a lot of providers out there that are being economical with the truth when it comes to the “certificates” they are offering.

Terms to be wary of…..

“Chartered” – Ask yourself “Chartered by Whom?”. Chartered status originates from and may normally only be awarded by Institutions that have been incorporated under Royal Charter by the British Monarch, hence its prevalent use in the UK and Commonwealth countries.

“Chartered” status can never be awarded by private companies.

However such is the prestige and credibility of a Chartered designation that some non-UK organisations have taken to issuing Chartered designations without Royal or Parliamentary approval.

Chartered status is usually only awarded after years of study and usually post graduate. It is one of the highest accolades. Any 3/5/10 day course offering the credential “Chartered” based on attendance and an unregulated exam is dubious in the extreme.

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