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Get Access to 3 free “pearls of wisdom®”

Business Management Training Group  is delighted to introduce “pearls of wisdom®” from Eliesha Training

pearls of wisdom® offer over 200, 3-4 minute sharp, engaging videos that can be used flexibly and easily to deliver management skills and knowledge. Research evidences that companies increasingly demand access to ‘ just in time’ and ‘on demand’ learning. pearls of wisdom® can be accessed via the internet or organisation intranet, on your mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop, meaning they can be used where and when they are needed most

Your organization will love pearls of wisdom® which provide a unique and highly engaging learning experience, delivered with a lighter touch and offering an effective way to understand the core skills required. These are beneficial for the business executive and executive assistant alike, as well as the vast majority of your colleagues.

Priced very competitively, with annual corporate licences starting from, for example, 10 staff accessing 10 pearls of wisdom® for £250 per annum, they deliver both impact and value for money! (Volume discounts will be considered)

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pearls of wisdom

available for 60 days only

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