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The Advanced Certificate for the Executive Personal Assistant (ACEPA) is back in South Africa 4th-8t

OPSA is proud to announce our partnership with the internationally renowned Business Management Training Group Ltd, a world leader in executive training directed at senior office professionals.

Delivered by an experienced international Director, the ACEPA™ course is an intensive five-day programme that addresses the increasingly diverse and demanding roles expected of modern Executive PAs from a unique top-down perspective. The course aims to equip participants with an essential conceptual understanding of macro business areas including corporate finance and HR, as well as a range of practical skills

“Richard is a world-class trainer. He used techniques that were personal and interactive and he was very effective and sincere.” Eela Jivan, Coca-Cola SA

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Delighted to be back in South Africa delivering ACEPA. For course details and a brochure please contact

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